Cathy W. Jan

Ms. Jan has a broad educational and professional background in the disciplines of architecture, land planning and landscape architecture. As the Senior Designer in the Planning Division for Glackin Thomas Panzak, her expertise lies with master planning, mixed-use and town centers, commercial and entertainment centers, traditional neighborhood design, open space communities, and active adult communities. Her designs have been recognized for numerous land planning awards while with Glackin Thomas Panzak.

Ms. Jan’s multidisciplinary career track allows her to create designs with an understanding of the complex relationship between good land planning and architecture. With compact designs becoming more important to towns and communities as a means of protecting our natural resources, having the ability to integrate both disciplines is unique.

In order to meet our clients’ goals and provide a responsive, sustainable design for each site, Ms. Jan typically provides a range of design alternatives that achieve the programmatic, marketing and environmental objectives of the client. The resulting land planning effort can range from conceptual designs to a detailed pre-engineered site plan. In her role as an Associate of the firm, Ms. Jan regularly reviews, mentors, and coordinates with staff colleagues, ensuring superlative design solutions.