Lankenau Medical Center Healing Spaces

As a component of the Lankenau Medical Center Master Plan development, the opportunity to create healing spaces and to renovate existing courtyards was seized.  Three new green roof areas were created allowing restorative views for patients, visitors, and staff.  A public transit arrival area was transformed with a new canopy, seating, lighting, and specialty paving that guides visitors through a renovated landscape courtyard to the core of the medical center.  A previously inaccessible courtyard adjacent to a coffee bar was opened to visitors and staff with benches, tables and chairs, and seasonal plantings.  Adjoining the Heart Pavilion, a walled gathering area welcomes visitors with a soothing fountain and umbrella tables with chairs allowing a place to rest or eat a meal outside.  All of the gardens and courtyards are viewable from patient rooms, public spaces, and offices above allowing the continued integration of the outdoor environment into a medical setting.